ICRA XII Lectures

  1. Yuriy Drozd, National Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine, Wild algebras are controlled wild (PDF) (PDF)
  2. Peter Jørgensen, University of Newcastle, Newcastle, United Kingdom, Calabi-Yau categories and Poincaré duality spaces (PDF)
  3. Bernhard Keller, Université Paris 7, Paris, France, Calabi-Yau triangulated categories, K-theory via universal invariants (graphics from the lectures, related materials)
  4. Bernard Leclerc, Université de Caen, Caen, France, Subcategories of modules over preprojective algebras and cluster structures (PDF, scanned, 200 dpi - 4,5 MB) (PDF, scanned, 600 dpi - 22,5 MB)
  5. Helmut Lenzing, Universität Paderborn, Paderborn, Germany, Extended canonical algebras and Fuchsian singularities (PDF)
  6. Wolfgang Rump, Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany, L-functors and infinite rank representations (PDF)
  7. Gordana Todorov, Northeastern University, Boston, USA, Cluster complexes via semi-invariants (PDF)